Television (Portland, Eugene, Bend, Medford)
Format Price
CD/DVD/VHS $65.00*
CDs are delivered in QuickTime(.mpg) or Windows Media Player (.wmv) format
*Rates reflect coverage in the Oregon Media Market
Digital Upload
Local $75.00
National $90.00
Dupes or Copies (VHS, DVD, CD) Please call for pricing
Radio/TV in Oregon Market $25.00 per page
Monthly Transcript Subscription $15.00 per page
Outside of Oregon Market Please call for pricing
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RADIO - Audiotape, Audio CD, .wav or .mp3 File
One segment, up to 10 minutes $45.00
11-30 minutes $55.00
31-60 minutes $75.00
Duplication Please call
Search special order $100.00 per hour